Business Unit Manager Swine

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Job Title Business Unit Manager Swine 

Site Location - Country Benelux 

Business Unit Large Animals - Swine 

Report to CEO - Claude Dhont 

Number of subordinates 3 direct reports - total team of 12 people 

Hay grade 19 


Within the scope of the strategic concentration and development objectives of the company, the jobholder elaborates the commercial and strategic policy and guarantees the implementation of sales and marketing action plans by managing the sales and marketing team in order to achieve the annual objectives in terms of the area's turnover and profit margin. He also contributes, together with the general manager, to the licensing policy of the area.


3.1 Guarantee the achievement of the BU's objectives in terms of turnover and margins in compliance with the company's strategy and development targets. 

  • by establishing targets (turnover and margins) for each product and geographical zone on an annual and monthly basis,
  • by analysing shortfalls with regard to targets and by putting in place corrective measures, by determining sales operations and by supervising their application,
  • by defining and managing key accounts,
  • by ensuring sales conditions are respected, by monitoring achievement of objectives.

3.2 Define the BU budget, together with the Country Manager. 

  • by defining the objectives for turnover and market shares
  • by establishing the budget per product and sectors
  • by defining commercial expenses

3.3 Guarantee the elaboration of commercial and marketing policy in the frame of the company's requirements. 

  • by working out the general and special sales conditions, prices and discounts policies
  • by negotiating key contracts and getting them applied,
  • by defining the sales sectors and client's targeting,
  • by defining the means necessary to achieve objectives,
  • by monitoring the proper compliance of commercial conditions
  • by monitoring and organising feedback from the field and analysing it

3.4 Control sales expenses and customers' accounts páyale.

  • by setting up monthly monitoring of sales expenditure (with financial control and forecasting),
  • by determining and implementing corrective measures,
  • by monitoring customers' outstanding invoices and by taking the necessary measures
  • by setting the management ratio about commercial expenses  

3.5 Ensure the best use and development of human resources

  • by improving the BU team's performance,
  • by determining training needs and ensuring their implementation,
  • by checking the productivity of sales reps, and taking corrective measures,
  • by accompanying sales reps in the field and checking up on their professionalism and respect of business codes,
  • by carrying out regular coaching of all BU members,
  • by evaluating all BU members,
  • by proposing motivational policy (bonuses, promotion),
  • by taking part in the recruitment process

3.6 Help maintain and develop the company's image. 

  • by ensuring that sales reps respect the company's business codes,
  • by acting as the company's representative with major account customers.



  1. Office: Word – Excel – PowerPoint 
  2. Able to (learn to) work with internal interfaces such as CRM system, Sales forecasting Systems, financial interfaces. 


  1. Minimal 5 years of experience and good insights in the Benelux Swine production business. 
  2. Experience in Animal Health or Animal Nutrition Company 
  3. Understanding the market complexity with ALL stakeholders, not only the vets
  4. Network within key stakeholders: important vets, clinics


  1. Open and transparent communication 
  2. People and leadership skills 
  3. Commercial acumen 
  4. Able to work under pressure
  5. Action – Results oriented
  6. Languages: Fluent in Dutch and English 


  1. Good follow-up with team members; performance management, 121’s (NL especially) 
  2. Teamplayer – WE and not I 
  3. Solutions mindset – entrepreneurial – handson 
  4. See opportunities
  5. Pro-active approach 
  6. Strategic thinking: longterm planning 
  7. Strong work ethos
  8. Problem solver 


Travelling needs: Yes (national and international)

Functional relationships:  

  1. The financial controllers in order to monitor turnover, performance against targets and credit control, ordering process, WCR monthly balance, monthly expenses and all relevant indicators.
  2. The supply chain's officers, to follow up deliveries and take adequate measures.
  3. CEVA's central services (marketing, sales administration, regulatory affairs, legal advisers etc..) for all matters concerning its daily activity.
  4. The HR Manager, to follow-up on all people related matters. 



Decision making comes with responsibility. 
Making proactive decisions based on sound business priorities is something we do every day.We find solutions and are accountable for our actions. Each of us has a sense of urgency to deliver results for the group.


Start with the customer, end with the customer.
It’s not about us, it’s about our customers. We listen and learn from them. 

The customer is the primary concern of everyone at Ceva. Passionate means putting our feelings into “hands on” service that goes.


Constantly challenging.
We support a culture of thinking and doing things differently.
Being innovative is not only about product innovation but constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways of creating value for Ceva, our customers and ourselves.


Always Together. 
At Ceva we are independent and also interdependent. We respect the work and culture of others and share both success and difficulties to be stronger together in the future.


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